Caring for your tree

Once you’ve picked the perfect tree for your home and decorated it just the way you like it, you need to make sure you look after it properly, keeping it fresh throughout the festive period.

Here are our top tips for keeping your Christmas tree looking fresher and fuller for longer.

  • Before you bring your cut tree indoors leave it to stand in a bucket of water, ideally for 24 hours outside before you bring it into the warmth.  This helps your tree keep as hydrated as possible and looking fresher for longer.
  • Before you decorate or dress your tree, it’s important to remove all of the netting to prevent any damp that could cause mould to grow on the branches. You usually find that people are really eager to get the tree up and decorated as soon as it gets home, but if you don’t get around to it straight away, you should still remove the netting in the meantime.
  • Give your Christmas tree a thorough shake outside, as this will help to remove any loose or dead pine needles from the branches, as well as removing any insects that may have settled in there without you realising.
  • Keep your Christmas tree in a stand to keep it secure and safe. You may find that you need to cut some of the trunk off to make it fit properly, but this all depends on the size of your stand.
  • Avoid positioning your Christmas tree near to any radiators, heat sources or draughts. If you have your tree next to a radiator then we advise turning that radiator off or on a low heat as if it’s directly in front you may find that the tree will heat up and dry out, leaving you with a limp looking feature that will lose its needles much faster.
  • Real Christmas trees require water to keep them hydrated and fresh, so remember to water your tree every day. A real Christmas tree can drink between one and two litres or water a day, which can be beneficial if you keep your heating on for long periods of time. Take into consideration the size of your tree and the temperature of the room to gauge how much water your tree will require and keep the water topped up daily.

Recycling Scheme

Here at Foss Feeds were proud to be able to offer a recycling service for your Christmas tree. When the time comes to remove your tree from your house, simply use your recycling bag (provided on purchase) and gather up the tree to bring to us by 12th January 2019.  In exchange for the tree we will provide you with a £3 voucher to spend in store at Foss Feeds which is valid until 9th February. One of the great ways of recycling these beautiful trees is creating chip, which we then use for garden mulch!